Cingur Salad . Rujak Cingur

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 | |

Taking a walk for culinary in Surabaya, you must remember Rujak Cingur (Cingur Salad). This Heroic City’s original food is identically made from cingur (cow’s mouth). In a dish of Rujak Cingur, there are cingur, young bean-sprouts, vegetables, tahu, tempe (fermentes soya-beans), and it’s all poured with special recipe of black shrimp-jelly. You can order Rujak Campur (Mixed Salad) with additional fruits like pineapple, young-mango, and screw pine. One of the most popular Rujak Cingur depot in this city is Genteng Depot, which is located on 29 Genteng street Surabaya.

Mangan nang Suroboyo, mesti eling karo rujak cingur. Panganan khas Kutha Pahlawan iki terkenal karo irisan cingure. Sakpiring rujak cingur iki ana cingur, cambah, kangkung, mie, lontong, tahu, tempe, sing disiram bumbu petis khas Suroboyo. Koen yo iso pesen rujak campur sing ditambahi buah-buahan kaya nanas, pencit, karo bengkoang. Salah siji depot rujak cingur sing terkenal nang Suroboyo iki Depot Genteng, sing panggone nang Dalan Genteng Durasim 29 Surabaya.

It is named cingur, the main ingredient of Rujak Cingur. Cingur is the cow’s mouth, which is boiled and fried with traditional Indonesia’s spices.

Iki lho sing jenenge cingur, bahan baku utamane rujak cingur. Cingur iki teko congor sapi, sing digodhog terus digoreng.

If you want to order, come closer to the seller! All pulverized ingredients could be seen through the glass.

Nek arep pesen, nyedhako nang bakule. Bahan-bahan sing bakal diulek iso didelok nang walike kaca.

Your order will be fastly served! There some people who is preparing the dishes, putting cingur and vegetables, and pulverizing the black shrimp-jelly.

Pesenanmu bakal cepet diladeni. Ana sing nyiapno piring, nyiapno cingur karo sayurane, ana pisan sing bagian ngulek bumbu petise.

This old lady pulverizes the black shrimp-jelly. A big earthen-bowl is enough for 3 dishes of Rujak Cingur.

Ibu iki sing bagian ngulek bumbu petis. Sakcowek bumbu petis iki iso dienggo telung (3) piring rujak cingur.

Your Rujak Cingur is ready! Cingur, vegetables, and fruits which is poured with the special black shrimp-jelly will definitely content you. There is ever no regret to taste it here.

Rujak cingur pesenanmu wis siap. Cingur, sayur, karo buahe sing disiram petis iki pasti bakal nggawe awakmu puas. Gak kate nyesel ngincipi Rujak Cingur Depot Genteng iki.

*Contributor: Aditya Wirabakti